Speech Pathology

The ability to communicate is a very important aspect of our lives. At Agave Home Health, the speech therapist will assist you in regaining essential communication skills. The speech therapists will also assist patients with feeding or swallowing problems. They also educate patients on ways to improve their memory.

Our Speech Therapists provide services for patients requiring:

– Improving their ability to produce words

– Developing expressive language

– Increasing vocabulary and developing articulation

– Improving pitch and volume

– Practicing fluency and minimizing stutters

– Speech exercises to strengthen the muscles of lips and tongue

Clients who benefit from these services include patients whose ability to communicate have been compromised as a result of a disease, stroke or accident.

Developing a treatment plan specifically designed to the patient is a core part of our Speech Therapy program. With focus on helping patients achieve the ability to communicate effectively, Agave Home Health will be happy to set an appointment to assess your needs.

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Contact Information

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Phone: (432) 837-5907
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Email: info@agavehomehealth.com
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