Physical Theraphy

At Agave Home Health, the primary goal of our therapists is to enhance the adaptability of patients to their home environment and to help them achieve the highest lifestyle functionality given the limitations of their medical or physical conditions. When requested by the doctor, the Physical Therapist provides and educates the patient in self-care, mobility, safety, range of motion, and strength activities.

Physical therapists develop programs to restore function, maximum mobility, reduce pain, and to prevent disability following disease, injury, or loss of a body part.

Our Physical Therapy program involves:

– An individualized plan of care based on the patient’s needs

– A plan of care that is directed by the patient’s physician

– Improving mobility after surgery, injury, illness, etc.

– Pain management in acute and/or chronic situations

– Improving strength and endurance

– Improvingwound healing, neuropathy, etc.

Our Physical Therapists assist patients with:

– An individualized plan of care based on the patient’s needs

– Joint Replacement

– Osteoporosis

– Arthritis

– Neurological Diseases such as Stroke

– Post Spinal and Cardiac Surgery

– Back Pain, etc.

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